About "The Blog"

Like all other living organisms, life on mother earth for a human being is driven by energy. Because prosperity is narrowed to economic growth and accumulated material riches, human beings consume far more energy than other organisms, and most of this energy comes from fossil fuels, which supply nearly 85% of the world's energy (see here). If I had been started writing this blog at the 1990s, I might be warning you about shortage of fossil fuels reserves as those are being depleted ca a hundred thousand times faster than they are being formed, and at those years rates of consumption, known reserves of fossil fuels in 1990s would not be enough to humankind to enjoy prosperity by 2020s. Unfortunately, much things have changed since the 1990s, and now we know that the world has fossil fuel reserves enough for hundreds of years to come even with the conservative increase in populations and consumption. While so many things have changed, our new concern is the climate change that is forcing nations to reduce fossil fuel consumption under certain levels in order to limit CO2 emissions under the level which will allow worlds average temperature rise within 2 degree Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels.     


This blog reflects my personal view of technical, societal and political issues relating to energy production, climate change, and economic growth. My approach will be often quantitative, and I aim to bring some interesting perspective to the table based on my experience from power generation. While doing that, I will also try to share my view on each generation technologies individually and discuss various elements within the boundaries of the fact-based quantitative approach.