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Lets Start with Why!

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

As the idea of this blog will be laying out a discussion around the Energy of Things, it would make be much more sense to call it Joule or BTU (the unit of Energy) instead of Watt (the unit of Power). However, even we focus a lot on Energy, we generally care more about the rate of chance it which is production and/or consumption of Energy per given time instead of the Energy by itself, therefore i decided to call this blog "WattLabs. In general there is confusion to understand the difference between Energy and Power. If we attempt to make an analogy to the world's fossil fuel reserves, the total fossil reserves of the world represents the total Energy (Joules or BTU) and the rate world consumes the total energy per second represents the Power (Watt). It is basically Watt equals to Joule/second that is my favorite unit POWER.

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